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Thanks for stopping by. We are in the middle of a re-haul behind the scenes and will be launching a new website with a different vibe to better serve our clients, and showcase how Caption Photography Media works with you to tell your story.

From tailored media content creation for your brand, to covering your event, be it corporate, music or your wedding day, every effort is being made to better serve you.

if you are looking to book a session, please get in touch by sending an email to

For further examples of work, please see the links below.

Thank you for your continued support!

caption photography, jay munoz

I'm Jay.

Thanks for the visit!


 Meet Jay 

1. Originally from SOCAL, but loving life in the Great White North, eh?
2. I LOVE BEARS. More specifically polar bears, but any bear will do!
3. I am obsessed with plaid shirts (see photo) Seriously it's a problem...
4. I'm a HUGE nerd at heart forever. Dinos, Comics, Sci-Fi and the list goes on. By alot.
5. I am raising 3 RAD human beings I call 'my kids'. It's still a little weird TBH

6. I believe in being good to one another. Simple life rules: Be you, be honest and be sweet.


Let's Connect! I'd love to hear from you

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